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​​There's No Place Like Home

I've learned a lot about the importance of home health care over the years, but the most valuable thing that I have taken away from my experiences is that there  truly isn't a place on earth like home for an elder. Most elders prefer to stay in their home and age in place for many reasons. The most important one being that they can associate a memory with every single object around them. I have enjoyed the stories over the years from all of the elders that i have had the pleasure of spending time with. I want to tell you about the one day that I pulled into my driveway and looked at my home in an entirely different way. 

That one day I was caring for and visiting with one of my sweet little elderly ladies. We were sitting on her couch and she was telling me about her children and about all of the memories that had been made in her home and why remaining there was so important to her. She took my hand, leaned back, closed her eyes and proceeded to tell me about a day that she loved to remember, a day that seemed like yesterday to her. The kids were running through the house, she was standing at the stove and her husband was working outside. Not long after that day, she lost her husband in an accident, and had since lost both of her children. She said that if she closed her eyes tight enough she could still see them and feel them in her home. She looked forward to seeing them again someday, but for now, she was able to be comforted by her home and her memories. That home had been her comfort in her time of grief. It was that day that i realized that there really is no place like home and I also understood why aging in place is so important to our elders.

If being able to remain at home with memories isn't reason enough to choose aging in place for our elders, allow me to give you a few more reasons. An elder that only needs a few hours of help per day with activities such as bathing, dressing or preparing  a meal will only pay for a few hours a day, this can equate to thousands of dollars in savings versus nursing home care making home health a more cost effective choice. Also, aging in place allows for decreased healing time and increased feelings of dignity for our elders. It also allows our elders to have a higher quality of life throughout that aging process.

Some obstacles of aging in place can be problematic for elders, making a strong support system  very important. Things like cooking, cleaning, laundry, shopping, bathing and getting dressed can be challenging. Home health care can make aging in place safe for our elders by providing help with those obstacles.

With a good support system and home health, our elders can remain at home with their memories and enjoy all of the benefits of aging in place. After all, there really is no place like home! Call Ohio Valley Home Health today so we can help your elderly loved one stay at home and age in place.


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